Cohen’s Mommy’s Friday Evening Update


We have had a pretty eventful day today! We got to go on a wagon ride..Cohen loved it and was waving at the nurses and blowing them kisses. (mainly so they would stop talking to him and leave) But.. it was still cute! He played with his bulldozer some and we got 1 grin and a smile today!! And we got to come up to the floor so he can finally get some rest! 💙 We are loving that we can actually have some time together as a family without people in our room constantly bothering him. Things are looking up finally! This has been the longest 12 days of my life. We still have a long road ahead of us but we are ready to tackle whatever comes our way! We have made it through so much and we have been Gods biggest fans! 🙏🏼


Cohen’s Mommy’s Friday Morning Update


He is still holding strong to his chapstick. No one has been able to take it away from him. And he try’s to put it on everyone. (My little sweetheart)
We had a pretty good night and he got some rest. They took him down to procedure this am to insert his G/J mic-key button. They are talking about sending us up to a floor today to see if he can tolerate being out of PICU and get some rest so everyone can stop bothering him every 30 mins to and hour. He is getting pretty exhausted from all that. He will go up to the floor with everything so no big changes other than a little more quiet time. We believe we are making progress slowly but surely. We are still doing OT and PT to help get him going..he is still very weak and can’t do much other than moving his arms and legs some. But he is awake and with us so we are happy with any progress he makes!


Cohen’s Mommy’s Thursday Evening Update


Today has been a rough day but we are trying to keep him comfortable they said something about putting him on a continuous drip tomorrow to help things go a lot smoother. Other than that not much has changed. He threw his ball for us today a couple times during PT and that has been the highlight of my day other than me getting to hold my precious little boy! 💙
“The Lord is my strength and my song” Psalms 118:14


Cohen’s Mommy’s Thursday Morning Update


My poor little baby has had a rough 12 hours. He’s been in a lot of pain and starting to swell a lot more. His eyes are starting to swell shut again and he’s very uncomfortable. He is fluid overloaded from having to receive so much fluid for his BP to be stable. Nothing much else has changed we are just trying to keep pain under control and keep him comfortable.
Please continue to pray 💙


Cohen’s Mommy’s Wednesday Evening Update


Update on our little warrior. He’s had a pretty good day. We’ve had to do some more blood product and plasma to keep vitals stable. They got to start his TPN feeds today through his PICC line. And he is actually moving some. He started OT and PT today to help his muscles start working again. He is starting to have more pain and wanting me to get him which is heartbreaking! 😔 please pray for fast recovery and for quick healing.

Our Strength Is In You Alone

Cohen’s Mommy’s Wednesday morning update


Cohen had a pretty good night. Overall we are keeping pain under control. They are having to give him quiet a bit of blood product and plasma to try to keep his BP stable. He will go down again today to see if his veins can handle a PICC/TPN line. His veins have been extremely small and fragile it’s been a struggle to even keep his IVs going and to get any blood out. They are consulting with physical therapy to see if they can come start working with him because he can barely move. He is still on oxygen and he is pretty croopy and having to be suctioned a lot. A viral infection came back positive for a cold so he’s fighting that as well as everything else. 😔

Don’t stop fighting my angel soon things will be brighter.

We are very hopeful!

Our strength is in You alone 🙏🏼


Cohen’s Mommy’s recap of post op conversation with doctor 

Cohen is out of surgery. They had to remove a significant amount of his colon. 15-20% of his colon was dead. His abscess was leaking into the bottom part of his colon which it what was causing him to be so sick. He wasn’t getting any oxygen and blood flow to that part of the colon and it was all dead. He will have a colostomy bag attached to him to use the bathroom in for 2-3 months and then they will go in for a second surgery to put his colon back together and to see if he will be able to use the restroom on his own. We don’t know what happened and we don’t know what caused this. I feel as if I’m completely shutting down. This has been the worst week of my life.. I am struggling so hard to stay strong. Please don’t stop praying for him and my family. We need it now more than ever. Pray that he will be strong and not give up. He’s been through so much!!



A Note from Cohen’s Lolli

Cohen is our little miracle. He has been fighting since he was born.  Today we ask you to continue praying…as they just took him to surgery.  Pray for the surgeon’s hands as they search for answers. Pray for his Daddy and Mommy…that their faith will remain strong through the coming hours days and weeks. But most of all pray for Cohen’s body to withstand the anesthesia and his healing to be swift and through.  Pray this surgery will bring him back to us and he will be whole again. Pray the perfect little happy sweet precious Angel Baby Cohen Parker that has been trapped inside this little sick body all week long will be healed from his head to his toes. Pray, in Jesus name. Amen


A note from Cohen’s Lolli…


Calling all of Cohen’s Prayer Warriors. Our little Soldier needs a miracle.  As you know he has been almost or just above comotose since his cranial surgery last Tuesday. There has been an issue with illius…now they think he has an obstruction in his colon. The doctors did not want to put him under anesthesia again because of him not wanting to wake up, but it has come down to their last option. The doctors tried so hard to avoid it, but they have tried everything else. They said barring a MIRACLE the surgery is necessary.  PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE.

Cohen’s Mommy’s Monday Evening Update


Cohen is still awake and responding to us but still running a fever and still very weak and lethargic. The CT on his stomach showed an obstruction and blockage but they have no idea where it’s coming from or what has caused it. He will be going in for stomach surgery sometime tomorrow early evening, unless there is a miracle overnight.

I just wish someone would pinch me and wake me up from this bad dream.

Please pray for my strength and a miracle.