Cohen’s Mommy’s Friday Morning Update


He is still holding strong to his chapstick. No one has been able to take it away from him. And he try’s to put it on everyone. (My little sweetheart)
We had a pretty good night and he got some rest. They took him down to procedure this am to insert his G/J mic-key button. They are talking about sending us up to a floor today to see if he can tolerate being out of PICU and get some rest so everyone can stop bothering him every 30 mins to and hour. He is getting pretty exhausted from all that. He will go up to the floor with everything so no big changes other than a little more quiet time. We believe we are making progress slowly but surely. We are still doing OT and PT to help get him going..he is still very weak and can’t do much other than moving his arms and legs some. But he is awake and with us so we are happy with any progress he makes!

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