Cohen’s Mommy’s recap of post op conversation with doctor 

Cohen is out of surgery. They had to remove a significant amount of his colon. 15-20% of his colon was dead. His abscess was leaking into the bottom part of his colon which it what was causing him to be so sick. He wasn’t getting any oxygen and blood flow to that part of the colon and it was all dead. He will have a colostomy bag attached to him to use the bathroom in for 2-3 months and then they will go in for a second surgery to put his colon back together and to see if he will be able to use the restroom on his own. We don’t know what happened and we don’t know what caused this. I feel as if I’m completely shutting down. This has been the worst week of my life.. I am struggling so hard to stay strong. Please don’t stop praying for him and my family. We need it now more than ever. Pray that he will be strong and not give up. He’s been through so much!!


  1. This has touched so many lives I get up and look for update first thing. I am praying for him. I’ve knownDelia many years
    Prayers going up for you.


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