I have the greatest mommy and daddy in the world.  My daddy works hard to provide for our family.  He drives an hour and a half one way, to work each day.  He is a URD Technician Apprentice.

Before I was born, my mommy was in nursing school; however, because of my medical conditions I need her most. For that reason, she takes care of my every need every day.

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I have multiple doctors’ appointments each week and there are times I have several in one day. Mommy and me go to most of these by ourselves, because of Daddy’s work schedule.  If my mommy went back to work, I would be so sad. I never want for anything. My schedule really keeps her phone hopping.  She makes sure I have my medicine on time, my clothes are always soft and comfortable and she lotion’s and powders me every day.  She makes sure I am clean and dry and warm or cool always.  There is no way there could ever be any other parents that could take as good of care of me as mine do. For that reason, I am sure that’s why God chose them to be my mommy and daddy. They think I am their hero.  But just between you and me, they are my heroes too. I really am the luckiest little boy on earth.

Mommy, Daddy, and me spending some nice relaxing time outdoors, while the weather is nice. We are enjoying this beautiful weather this weekend.



*Select photos by Sherry Spangler Photography