A Note from My Mommy

Kisses from Cohen


Cohen was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis when he was a month old. Which means that Cohen’s brain wasn’t able to grow due to his soft spots prematurely closing. He went through his first major open heart surgery at 3 months old and then at 7 months old he went through his brain and cranial surgery.  My family and I were told last week that Cohen’s optic nerves were starting to swell and get crowded which is a result of fluid and pressure on the brain.. his Ophthalmologist then immediately called his brain surgeon who did his first surgery back last year when Cohen was only 7 months old. We were scheduled to leave out of town to head Back to Vanderbilt for testing.. which resulted in them telling us that Cohens top sutures are completely shut and his frontal suture is barely open causing his brain not to grow which is what is putting pressure on the nerves. We were then told within 6 weeks we will be going through another major brain and cranial surgery with our now 18-month-old little boy. We are doing fundraisers and this gofundme to help gather money for expenses. This is Cohens 3rd major surgery not counting the 10 stomach procedures he has had in his little life of 18 months. This momma is a mess, to say the least, so if you can’t donate please just pray for us as we start yet another dreadful adventure with our baby boy.

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