A note from Cohen’s Lolli…


Calling all of Cohen’s Prayer Warriors. Our little Soldier needs a miracle.  As you know he has been almost or just above comotose since his cranial surgery last Tuesday. There has been an issue with illius…now they think he has an obstruction in his colon. The doctors did not want to put him under anesthesia again because of him not wanting to wake up, but it has come down to their last option. The doctors tried so hard to avoid it, but they have tried everything else. They said barring a MIRACLE the surgery is necessary.  PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE.

Cohen’s Mommy’s Monday Evening Update


Cohen is still awake and responding to us but still running a fever and still very weak and lethargic. The CT on his stomach showed an obstruction and blockage but they have no idea where it’s coming from or what has caused it. He will be going in for stomach surgery sometime tomorrow early evening, unless there is a miracle overnight.

I just wish someone would pinch me and wake me up from this bad dream.

Please pray for my strength and a miracle.


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