Our Strength Is In You Alone

Cohen’s Mommy’s Wednesday morning update


Cohen had a pretty good night. Overall we are keeping pain under control. They are having to give him quiet a bit of blood product and plasma to try to keep his BP stable. He will go down again today to see if his veins can handle a PICC/TPN line. His veins have been extremely small and fragile it’s been a struggle to even keep his IVs going and to get any blood out. They are consulting with physical therapy to see if they can come start working with him because he can barely move. He is still on oxygen and he is pretty croopy and having to be suctioned a lot. A viral infection came back positive for a cold so he’s fighting that as well as everything else. 😔

Don’t stop fighting my angel soon things will be brighter.

We are very hopeful!

Our strength is in You alone 🙏🏼

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