Cranial Surgery – Our Little Fighter

Cohen’s surgeons updated us all day…they said the pressure was a lot worse than they anticipated. There was so much pressure on his forehead that it had put pressure on it and the eyes and eye sockets. Cohen’s surgeons had to reconstruct their placement. They said the skull is supposed to be smooth but his has ripples because of the pressure. They hope that will smooth out over time. The fluid was pushed to the back of the head where the sutures still had some openings. They said the brain was so compressed that when they relieved the pressure the brain immediately expanded. They thought his brain was smaller than normal…But it was actually constricted. They opened the skull to give his current brain room as well as give it plenty of room to grow. This morning they told us surgery would be 4 hours, but it was a much longer day for our little fighter. After 9 long hours Mommy and Daddy finally got to see Cohen. Unfortunately, he was having difficulty waking up. He was very agitated, flailing about. Cohen resting, but is still sedated to help keep him calm. Please keep the prayers coming.

Update 8:00pm

Cohen is having a rough night. They still can’t get his pain level under control. Please pray for the medical staff to make the right decisions and to listen to his Mommy.

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