Cohen’s Mommy’s Update


They finally listened to Cohen’s Mommy last night. Her determination and steadfast faith opened his medical teams eyes and they made our baby a plan for his pain. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Post op day #1 – Cohen had a pretty good night. They kept him pretty comfortable. At about 2-3 he woke up in a panic and was trying to get out of the bed and pull all of his IVs and wires out. Which is not good because yesterday he pulled his PIC line out and that was their go to for everything..So these are pretty important at the moment. They are trying to take him off his Precedex drip and start letting him become a little more alert. So everyone please pray that he will stay calm and we can get him more awake so he can start getting his lungs cleared out. When he gets upset his O2 has been dropping and he’s having to work harder to breath.

Update #1 from Cohen’s Mommy

Cohen is still doing okay he has took a turn around since his morning and is not doing the best right now..throughout the day he is staying very tachycardic heart rate up in the 200s, he has started running a fever and is breathing very hard and heavy. We have started another blood transfusion because his hemoglobin has dropped too low. We have all his friends here watching over him. Please continue to pray! 💙

Update #2 from Cohen’s  Mommy

So Cohen has had a lot of issues these past couple hours with an extended belly. He hasn’t peed since his cath was taken out this morning around 10.. we knew something was wrong..they took an X-ray and he was diagnosed with illius which is a condition in which the colon and the digestive system is paralyzed and has shut down which is what is making his belly extend out and is very painful making it hard for him to’s compressing on the lungs so he’s breathing at about 75-95 breaths per minute.
Please pray for our little angel! 💙


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