Heartfelt Words from My Mommy

Heartfelt words my Mommy shared yesterday…Please say a special prayer for her and my Daddy.  They are strong…but everyone has a limit.  She and my Daddy are so #cohenstrong for me. 

This was a year ago today that I had to place my baby boy in the arms of another surgeon for another 6-8 hour long surgery..so as I sit here with anxiety running through my body and tears running down my face as I dread this upcoming week I also sit and thank God for giving me such a wonderful miracle, a wonderful inspiration to not only myself and his family but to everyone around us. These past few weeks has been nothing less than dreadful.. I pray that God will keep me strong and help me through these next few days.
I know that He will get us through it because He always has but to fathom my baby boy going through another major surgery like this has got me tore to pieces.. as I stand by his bedside and see him in pain as he looks at me wondering why I can’t help him or take it away.. I’m his mommy who kisses all his boo boos and makes everything better I’m his mommy that protects him 24 hours a day 7 days a week.. so to not even be able to hold my sweet boy for days or to even soothe his pain is an unbelievable amount of hurt. I pray that God will give me the strength.


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