Cohen’s Mommy’s Thursday Update

Cohen woke up this morning and wanted to sit in a big boy chair.. so that’s exactly what we did! 💛 Last night was the first night I got to put pants (or any clothes on him) in almost a month.. I feel that he is progressing so much! He is starting to get his silly happy self back and I couldn’t be happier! Although we are still having set backs daily we are still progressing and that’s all I ask! God has been by our side through it all!! 🙏🏼 He has answered so many prayers!! They have talked to the team and plan to start a medication today for Cohens PTSD and Anxiety which are both severe..so that itself will be a long process of getting things under control. He goes into the operating room today at 2:30 for another minor stomach procedure so please pray things go well and he will be able to tolerate feeds this evening!

Cohen enjoys looking out our big window in our room and watching the cars go by. He thinks they are funny! We are still isolated because of his infection so going out of the room in not an option for him.. but we are trying to make the very best out of it. We are still not looking forward to going home anytime soon. We’ve been here 25 days and I have been in the parking garage once to run to the car and haven’t left the hospital once.. Cohen got to go in a wagon ride around the unit while we were in PCICU almost 2 weeks ago and that’s been the last time he has got to leave the room other than going for surgeries..
So our excitement of “looking forward to” eventually going home is an understatement!

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