Cohen’s Mommy’s Tuesday Update

We have had a very long couple of days.. let’s just start out by saying that Cohen is literally physically, mentally and emotionally drained and traumatized. They have actually brought a Psychiatrist in today to see if they can get his anxiety under control. They also diagnosed him with PTSD from being in the hospital and having so much done to him throughout his short little life. It takes at least 5 people to hold him down for a dressing change (and these are sometimes multiple times a day.)
I know right..5 people to hold a 20 month old baby down..
he lashes out with everything his little body can.
It takes me to hold him down for them to just give him medicine through his PICC line.. when they enter the room his heart rate jumps from 1 teens to almost 200s.. we are all terrified he is going to give hisself a stroke. They started feeds yesterday at an extremely slow rate and had to turn them back off last night because he wouldn’t stop vomiting.. he will go into another procedure tomorrow morning to replace his Jejunum line because it’s border lining his stomach so we are hoping that was what was making him sick. I enjoy these smiles more than anything in this world.. they are pretty rare now days but I will never take them for granted ever again. Therapy is very happy with him and we are working on being able to stand up a little at a time.?We go through major improvements and major set backs daily but we are hopeful that one day this will all just be a memory and a story. My little love bug is my whole world and it crushes me every day to see him suffer. Please pray that they can find a medication that will help him cope with everything because right now we need that the most so his body can start to heal and take over again.

“I asked God for strength, and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.”

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