Cohen’s Mommy’s Sunday Night Update

FB_IMG_1521431440521I just to say THANK YOU!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone that has been praying for my angel.
He is starting to respond to us again and actually stayed awake longer than a few seconds.
I honestly believe it was a miracle.. this is the first time I felt comfortable leaving his sight to set down since 3am this morning. His meningitis and EEG both came back negative! We are still trying to fight a very high fever.. and they are still pretty concerned and still aren’t sure what’s going on so we are not out of the woods yet.. but we are hopeful!!! I really don’t think he would of made any improvement if it wasn’t for everyone praying for him. We have stood by his bed sight for hours upon hours crying and praying and singing worship to him while he laid there lifeless and all of a sudden he was with us again. One of the worst days of my life has turned into such a miracle from God. We have kept our faith and He has moved mountains. Please keep praying because like I said we aren’t out of the woods yet and still have a lot to figure out. So please don’t stop praying for my little miracle boy!!!

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