Cohen’s Mommy’s Monday Morning update


Cohen has been in and out of it since last night. He is still very weak and lethargic and we are still fighting a fever..his belly is still very extended and not making any progress so everything is still paralyzed stomach wise.. but overall he is still waking up appropriately. We give all the praise to God. This whole week has been the worst days of my life. I honestly just feel as if it is a bad dream. But I feel that God just wanted to show us that with our faith and trust in him all things are possible. When we were told yesterday that they didn’t have an answer to whether he would wake up or not my heart sank and I started to question why..but we immediately started singing worship songs to him, praying and handing it over to God. He has took care of him this long I knew he would continue to do so. I’m still very scared and afraid and we are still trying to get some answers but I feel he is coming back to us!! Thank you Jesus! And thank you to everyone that is lifting Cohen up in prayer. My family and I honestly couldn’t thank you enough. We still have a long road ahead of us so don’t stop praying!! 💙


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