April 10 evening update



So we didn’t get great news today.. some of the cultures that were sent off last night is growing yeast pretty quickly. Meaning Cohen has a yeast infection in his blood stream which is pretty serious I was told by infectious disease. They don’t know what degree or anything it is yet because it hasn’t finished growing so they aren’t sure 100% what antibiotic will cure it until then..they are going to start him on a wide spectrum antibiotic now to get something started quickly. They also said it potentially could be affecting his heart, kidneys and eyes (all of his major organs) so they will give him 24 hours and if it keeps coming back a strong positive they will start getting eye exams, Echos and pictures of his kidneys. They are pulling the PICC today to make sure the yeast is not sticking to his PICC line and will start an IV for his meds. (Which isn’t ideal) but it’s what we have to do..

He just came back from his sedated CT of his tummy so hopefully I should know something about the abscesses this afternoon. (They want to make sure they are gone because If not the yeast could possible be growing through them.)

I needed this reminder today!! 💗
It’s so so hard battling through all these trials everyday but I know my God is in control and he has a plan. I just need to BREATHE. I walked out side for a few seconds while Cohen was back in CT and I just took a breath.. I breathed fresh air for the second time in 29 days!

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