Note from Cohen’s Lolli
Please forgive the late update…this Lolli was getting some much needed CohLol time.

Cohen’s Mommy’s Saturday Update


We are 19 days post op from our brain and cranial surgery. This has been a living nightmare.. our worst fears came to life. Our baby boy went into a coma like state for almost a week.. his whole tummy was paralyzed and wasn’t sending blood flow and oxygen to his intestines. They had to go in last week for a major stomach surgery to remove 20% of his colon and an abscess that had leaked into his lower colon. He had to have a colostomy bag placed in his tummy so he could use the bathroom, with the plan for reversal surgery in a few months. He has now developed a severe infection and has 2 abscesses on his colon and bowel. The infection is having to be taken care of by infectious disease because there is only one antibiotic in the world that can cure this bacteria that’s growing. They postponed a surgery on Friday on the abscesses to see if his body could fight,  with the help of this new super antibiotic medication. So far…not so good. His fever  goes down for a short time in the morning but goes back up in the evening…which seems to be the way of his progress. He seems to be improving in the AM , but as the day goes on his pain level grows and his progress seems to slide back down hill. If his fever does not improve the infectious disease doctors will re-evaluate the course of action on Monday,  if not sooner. We are still patiently waiting to have our baby boy back to normal. We will be here at least another 2/3 weeks and then back again in another 2-3 months for another major stomach surgery for our baby boy.  We thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, encouragement, support and love you have shown to our sweet baby and us during these difficult times.  We ask for your continued prayers for Cohen…that he continues to fight and the doctors…that HE shows them the right course of action to bring complete healing to his little body.


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