Cohen’s Mommy’s Thursday Evening Update


So here is the latest update we have on Cohens abscesses (their are 2).. They are questioning whether or not to go in and drain the abscess’s because of where they are at in Co’s tummy..infectious disease did find an antibiotic that will fight off the bacteria!! THANK GOD!! But they did say that the anabiotic’s that they have put him on to cure the bacteria that’s growing in his body will not take care of the abscesses themselves only what’s growing inside them.. so they are hoping that his body will get strong enough to take over and fight them off..if not they will have to figure something out then. If he is still running a fever in the next couple days they will have to go in and remove them. One is on his liver and one is behind his bowels. They also said we are looking at least 2-3 more weeks on this specific antibiotics and it has to run through his PICC line.


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