Cohen’s Mommys Saturday Afternoon Update.  

I finally got to hold my little angel boy today. And they have been doing a lot of talking with doctors and genetics to see if they can figure out what’s going on and they think they have some answers.
They are thinking that all of the pain meds and anesthesia he was given is not metabolizing in his system and just setting there. (It’s a motility issue)
So all of the anesthesia, sedatives, anxiety and pain medicines that he has been receiving around the clock is not leaving his body and that is keeping him pretty much in a state of..or sometimes just above comatose/or coma ..This is what they are thinking right now…so now it’s how to treat it to bring him back without sending his little body and system into a state of shock and excruciating pain. Please just pray that soon this will all just be behind us and we can have our baby boy back. Seeing him like this is really crushing me.

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