Cohen’s Mommy’s Friday Morning Update

We had overall a good night. Everyone is very please with the improvement we have seen in the past several hours.. anything is better than our past couple days. He has been such a fighter. His temp was good this morning considering he has ran a temp for the past 3 days we are very pleased with that. Just hoping and praying it stays down. Throughout the night we have had a lot more swelling in the eyes so he can barely open them causing even more anxiety. We are having a little trouble with the left lung but he’s starting to cough so hopefully that will help. His heart rate has been down in the 130s-150s and that has been incredible seeing as we couldn’t get out of 180s-200s for a awhile. His respiration’s has also been better in the 30-60 range so we are making improvement.. we are slowly coming down on oxygen. His belly is still very extended but we are being able to vent and hoping to make progress soon. He is still very weak and not wanting to do much but we are getting responses so we are happy with that! I feel overall this is a huge praise report and that all of his prayer warriors are doing a phenomenal job! My family and I couldn’t thank you enough.

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