He’s in there…please pray we get our baby back!!! 

Doctors came in and gave him medicine to reverse all the meds in his system.  We saw a glimmer of hope then he went back to his lethargic state. The Neuro Team is being contacted. They came by earlier and said they wanted to check for silent seizures again if the reversal med didn’t work. We are waiting and praying.  Please pray for Mommy and Daddy too. This is so hard on them.

Cohen today

Cohen Pre-Surgery

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  1. Wonderous healer, spiritual leader, Christ Jesus hear my heart for this family needs you. The loving- kindness and compassion you lived in life is sure through death also. Heavenly father I’m awestruck by your bountiful gifts and love, thank you Lord, for all we need and all we have you know what’s right for us , this family needs their baby , they need their hearts let’s show them the way together with prayers and praises heartfelt, altogether . One prayer will become many . We Praise you for showing us how to come together in times of need ,,,, unwavering patience you show us, guidance , trusting that they will find their way to you, with the healing of the family , join many voices into one show their hearts a miracle, precious Heavenly Father , compassionate and righteous Heavenly Father , we, your children ,gather at the at the throne we will escort you as we’ve been taught we should walk together and as always we are asking first, in Jesus name, amen


  2. I am praying and I have a lot of other people praying for this beautiful family and that precious boy. God bless you all and He is in the midst of it all.


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